Overview of My eBook

eBook is an electronic counterpart of a book. It contains all of the book’s contents and elements such as text, graphic, diagrams, footnotes, etc. eBooks come in various formats (ePub, MOBI, PDF, Lit, etc) to make it readable on a particular e-reader device. Amazon’s Kindle, for example, requires AZW, Mobi, PDF, and text files format while Barnes and Noble’s Nook requires ePub and PDF format.

eBook is undoubtedly today’s most popular medium for reading books due to the advantages it offer for readers.

How to Publish an eBook:

Here are some simple tips to get you ready for eBook publishing:

Overview of my eBook


Fixed ePub is a file format which follows the appearance and presentation of their printed counterpart. Unlike reflowable ePub, content and design are placed on fixed positions and cannot be customized. This format is suitable for books where presentation is vital to deliver the content clearer and better.

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Classic Complex Supreme
Sample Sample Sample
Fixed text check check check
In-book hyperlinks to external websites check check check
Text and images in full color check check check
Font used: Times New Roman / SANS-SERIF only check check check
Font Styles like (BOLD, Italic, Underline) when
seen on the input manuscript we will then apply.

check check check
The following text formatting will be applied:
• Drop cap
• Engineering fonts
• Indention of paragraph
• Small Caps

check check check
Table of Contents links check check check
All images will be shown center-aligned. (below 50 images) check check check
Tables with 3 or more columns captured as image check check check
Table with Searchable Text check check check
Ordered / Unordered list check check check
Basic Mathematical symbols such as: +, -, /, %, = check check check
Enhanced feature support cross check check
Embed Special Characters (Except Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese) cross check check
TOC / Endnotes — 2 way link
Index — 1 way link
List of Illustrations — 2 way link
See pages
See Chapters

cross check check
All images will be shown center-aligned. (51 and above) cross check check
Border with background color cross check check
Font color cross check check
Foreign Language (Except Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese) cross check check
Usage of Font Embed cross cross check
Usage of Font Color cross cross check
Background Color cross cross check
Tables with background color and short details
captured as searchable tables, not more than 5 columns

cross cross check
Background Image with searchable text cross cross check
Enlarge Images (See Large) cross cross check
Floating Images on Table cross cross check
Floating Images with searchable caption cross cross check
Floating Marginal text cross cross check
Image Enhancement cross cross check