Website Analysis


For the “author-client” wanting to increase the chances of having their book or books appear on the first page of Google Search results, beating enormous list of competitors, this service is the best starting point. Generally, this service is for your authors who already have their own Web site, but there are exceptions. Comprehensive Web site analysis allows you to know what your top competitors do to make their books—or the subject your book deals with—highly visible on the web, and how to increase the visibility of your titles.


Once analysis is done, we will structure a unique marketing campaign around the specific factors that have been identified by the analysis. What makes our program different from others is that we are only keying in on competition directly related to the individual client book. The analysis will identify:


  • Your competitors' strategies
  • Recommendations for improving your Web site copy
  • The most effective key words for your individual book
  • Traffic analysis







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